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Wooden Wheat Maple Burial Urn

Wooden Wheat Maple Burial Urn


Exterior Dimensions are roughly 7" L x7" W x 8 1/2" H 


Platform Base measures 7 1/2" x 7 1/2"


Capacity: Over 210 cubic Inches


This burial urn is a beautiful memorial built in Montana, USA using the finest materials.  


Made from maple, this urn's natural elegance will shine through in any room.


This urn brings together made in the USA quality and premium wood to result in the perfect combination of rustic wood elegance and simple affordability.


This urn is an adult cremation urn made from maple hardwood and given a elegant looking finish.  


This urn has a capacity of over 210 cubic inches, which is roughly equal to over 200 pounds of body weight prior to cremation.  


To access the interior, all that is needed is to remove the screws which hold in the base panel, insert the plastic bag housing the remains, and re-attach the base panel. 


Solid maple wood cremation urn

Crafted in Montana, USA


Ships within 1-3 Business days 




Note-Sales to Montana and Wyoming will be fully refunded

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